Meet Cheryl

Cheryl Baker has enjoyed teaching and leading women for over 20 years.   She has served as a staff member at Perimeter Church in Atlanta, Georgia in the areas of Discipleship, me at beachLeadership Development, and Coach Training.  She has graduated from the school of Transformational Leadership Coaching and is a kingdom-minded coach as well as author of several Bible studies.

When Cheryl was a new Christian she had a neighbor invest time in discipling her and she now has a great desire to see this type of life on life discipleship multiply.  Her life mission is to invest her life in those who go and do likewise.  She is co-author of  Eight Principles for Life on Life Leadership, A Manual for Building Discipling Leaders with Professional Coach and Coach Trainer, Tony Stoltzfus.

Cheryl and her husband Tom live in Playa Del Rey, California. She enjoys daily beach walks, friendships, children, grandchildren, reading, learning, and teaching. She continues to coach, mentor, and lead women in ministry and life transitions.


What others have to say about Cheryl 

Cheryl has proven over many years as a staff member of Perimeter Church to be uniquely qualified for her ministry.  Cheryl knows discipleship and coaching as few I know.  She is effective at working with groups of all sizes,  You would do yourself and your church a favor by using the resources and training she offers.

Randy Pope, Pastor Perimeter Church

What I’ve learned from Cheryl –

  1. Theology is awesome!
  2. Grandmothers can be very young.
  3. Grieving may remain for a night, but joy comes in the morning.
  4. It is OK to be real with God.
  5. There is no Christian who is better than another – we can all learn from everyone.
  6. Ask questions.
  7. There are just so many good books to read! And yet…
  8. The Bible is always the best!
  9. Ice cream makes everything better, at least temporarily.
  10. Cheryl is the best boss, co-worker, co-laborer and mentor ever!
  11. What she has taught me will always be with me.

Cathy, fellow discipler and mentor

“Cheryl Baker has mentored, coached and befriended me at a time when I needed a friend, a mentor, and a coach. Transitioning from lay leadership in a church to professional leadership can be very lonely. She was sent by God to bless me, helping me dream goals, holding me accountable to them and helping me think creatively and strategically through issues. Every time I think of Cheryl, I thank God for her and her ministry to me.”

Director of Women’s Ministries, Goosecreek, S.C

“You were personable, knowledgeable, and sincere. You were honest, you were bold and you were effective. Your face literally lit up when you discussed related scripture and held up your bible – very convicting! Thank you for this talk. I can only imagine the impact you had this morning”

Women’s Event Attendee